Its in the bag night

It’s in the Bag night was held on the 27th May and although the turnout was smaller than anticipated it turned out to be a successful fun night. Theme music played in the background and if you can remember it then you were definitely showing your age. Lol Graeme and Julie did a great job and questions were easy enough for everyone to get through to picking a bag. The “booby” prizes went

to a husband and wife combination (Alistair getting the matching pair of rubber bands and Judith getting a pair of plastic yellow ducks) and the super bag went to Karen. She was given a “Super” phosphate bag. Lots of laughs but then she had it filled up with all the prizes. Tracey won the “extra” bag by sitting on the right chair. Karen also won 1st prize in the raffle so a good night for her. Supper

was great even if Julie can’t remember it. A great night guys. Well done. Lots of laughs. Lots of great prizes.