Some of the activities at the club

 Some of our planned activities

The K-Cup: An annual miniten competition between Pineglades of Canterbury and the Orchard Sun Club. It is a fun day but the miniten is taken quite seriously. It is played as partners in a round robin with partners changing throughout. By some mysterious maths a winner is found at the end.

Interclub sports:
 A day of fun activities with other clubs invited. This has included blind tent building, various complicated sports with balloons held between the legs or passing balls without touching them with your hands, you probably get the picture here, undignified but fun. We played a reverse strip miniten and even simple disk golf.

Salt Lake Picnic: A walk to a local geological feature. This is in a public reserve near to the club grounds at Sutton, nobody seems to mind a few naked ramblers there. If you visit the club someday ask about the time that one of the clubs’ life members locked her car keys (along with her clothes) in her car just before the walk.

Christmas Party: A regular party just before Christmas -usually with a rather bemused Santa Claus wondering why he should be wearing a hot red suit at a naturist club. Presents for all and party games are played of course.

Themed Dinners: Through the year we often have potluck dinners, with food, music and even sometimes dress(!) fitted to a country or cultural theme.